Interested in Studying Latin?

If have not studied Latin before, the place to start is Latin 1 in either the Fall or the Winter term, followed by Latin 3 in Winter or Spring. (There is no Latin 2.) In these courses, you learn how Latin sentence structure is different from English, memorize your noun and verb endings and take in many new words for your vocabulary. Successful completion of Latin 3 satisfies the College language requirement and also gives an introduction to reading Latin literature in the original.

Intermediate courses are Latin 10 in Spring or Latin 15 in Fall. These courses strengthen reading skills and develop familiarity with the variety of literary, historical, and philosophical texts written in Latin. Students may take either Latin 10 or Latin 15 or both before proceeding to more advanced offerings.  Both Latin 10 and Latin 15 may be counted toward major programs in the Department of Classics.

Continuing Your Study of Latin

If you have already read some Latin literature before coming to Dartmouth (for instance, an AP course in high school), you will probably want to start with Latin 15. (Please see Latin Placement.) Latin 15 introduces you to the varied landscape of Latin literature (authors and periods) and to essential elements of Roman literary culture and its academic study today: questions of literacy, book production, conceptions of literary achievement, textual transmission, literary theory, and the relationship between antiquity and modernity. You also become familiar with library resources, including materials for reading Latin inscriptions and illuminated manuscripts in Dartmouth’s collection.

Latin 15 serves as the gateway course for the Classical Languages and Literatures major and would normally be followed by 20-level courses in Catullus, Cicero, Vergil, and other Latin authors.

More Information

Please check our course schedule often for up-to-date information on course meeting times and course availability.

If you have any questions about the Latin program, please contact any of the professors.