After You Graduate

Classics graduates leave Dartmouth with a powerful range of skills in critical and analytical thinking, written and oral communication, research, and problem solving, as well as learning adaptability, cultural competency, and ethics. They have found success in wide array of fields, from the arts and education to business and industry; from publishing and communications to law or medicine.

Many people who major in Classics also have a strong interest in another area such as Biology, Engineering, or Government. Although they may opt to continue to a career more closely related to their other major, these Classics graduates often report that their Classics background has given them an advantage in their fields.

Those who opt for the single Classics major have been well received in writing, marketing, and publishing; libraries; teaching at various levels; or in the museum world. For ideas about Classics-related careers, try this link to career advice from Top Universities; or this link to the Cawley Career Center at Georgetown University.