Foreign Study

The Classics Department offers full terms of study abroad in both Greece (spring) or Italy (fall). Students live, study, and travel abroad with a group of about fifteen Dartmouth peers, to explore the history, archaeology, art and architecture of these ancient civilizations. Programs are administered and taught by members of the Classics department and include both intense study and time for relaxation and fun. Those who participate often describe these programs as the highlight of their Dartmouth experience. 

Foreign Study Programs

Students interested in participating in the foreign study programs should contact the faculty associated with the programs as outlined in the Greece and Rome portions of the Off-Campus Programs website. Students must apply online to participate in any of Dartmouth’s foreign study programs.

The department also advises students on opportunities for individual archaeological fieldwork. Students may apply for departmental funding to help defray the costs of participation in digs and other educational programs during their off terms.

VIDEO: Foreign Study Programs