Annual Lecture Programs

The Zarbin Lecture Program brings scholars to campus every fall to present on a topic of interest in the field of Classics. The program was established in July 2010 by Dr. Marco A. Zarbin '78 in memory of his father, Gino Franco Luigi Zarbin, MD. Go here for a list of previous Zarbin lectures.

Established in 1986, the Benefactors' Lecture Program brings a distinguished lecturer to the Dartmouth campus each spring, usually on the first Thursday in May. The lecture has been made possible by the generous support of Dartmouth alumni and friends of the Classics Department. Go here for a list of previous Benefactors' lectures.

Previous Zarbin Lectures

2020 - Diversitas: The Roman Roots of Racial Capitalism - Dr. Nandini B. Pandey, University of Wisconsin

2019 - Petsas House, Mycenae: pottery, production, and the palatial economy of the 14thc. BCE - Kim Shelton, University of California at Berkeley

2018 - How to Do the History of Nature - Brooke Holmes, Princeton University

2017 - Framing Victory: Salamis, the Athenian Acropolis, and the Agora - John Papadopolous, University of California, Los Angeles

2016 - A useable classical past? Novelty and tradition in Cicero, Vergil and Hannah Arendt - Joy Connolly, City University of New York

2015 - Excavating a Mycenaean Palace at Ayios Vasileios, Near Sparta - Adamantia Vasilogamvrou

2014 - How Greek is Greek Art? Originals, Mashups, and Identity in the Past -  Carla Antonaccio

2013 - The Cinematography of Vergil's Aeneid -  Kirk Freudenburg, Yale University

2012 - Sacred Landscapes in Samnium: Rural Cult Places and State Formation in Republican Italy - Tesse Stek

2011 - Life and Death at a Port in Roman Greece: Recent Investigations at Kenchreai - Joseph Rife