About satisfying the Language Requirement with Latin

In order to use your Latin to satisfy the Language Requirement for Dartmouth graduation, you need to demonstrate proficiency equivalent to successful completion of LAT 3.

You can do this in any of the following ways:

  • If you are a beginner or near-beginner, you could take both LAT 1 and LAT 3.
  • If you know enough Latin to begin with LAT 3 but not enough to begin in LAT 10 or LAT 15, you could take LAT 3 only.
  • If you know enough Latin to begin with LAT 10 or LAT 15, you can satisfy the Language Requirement with one of those two courses.
  • If you have already received an official placement into LAT 10 or LAT 15 on your DartHub, then you have satisfied the Language Requirement already and do not need to do anything further.

There is also an option for those people who do not have the requisite AP or SAT II scores on record but might be able to demonstrate an equivalent achievement in Latin. If this applies to you, and you know already that you do not want to take any Latin courses at Dartmouth, you can establish proficiency by taking both the online Placement Test and a second written test. Note that the second test must be done during the Orientation period of your first year at Dartmouth. If you would like to take the second test, please contact the Language Program Director: [email protected].

Note that it is not possible to establish proficiency solely on the basis of the online Placement Test. Even if you do very well on the online test and have been encouraged to consider LAT 10 or LAT 15, you will not have satisfied the Language Requirement until you have demonstrated the further level of proficiency, either by passing the on-campus written test or by completing a Latin course numbered 3 or above.