Summer 2024

CLST 10.15 Magic and the Occult in the Ancient World  Curse tablets and love potions, amulets and talismans, step-by-step instructions to reanimate the dead or control the divine—from simple spells designed to meet the needs of the poor and the desperate to the complex theurgies of the philosophers, the people of the Greco-Roman world employed magic to try to influence the world around them. In this course, we will study the ancient practitioners of magic, the techniques and objects through which they served their clientele, the bodies of occult knowledge upon which they drew, and the cultural contexts in which they operated or were thought to operate. INT or TMV, CI  Glauthier

LAT 30.03/GRK 30.04 Ancient Fiction: The Greek and Roman Novels  Close reading of Greek and Roman novels in the original in addition to wider-reading in translation, with particularly attention to narrative, genre, and literary and cultural context. LIT, W Glauthier