Funding for Student Research and Projects

In addition to the opportunities provided to all Dartmouth students through the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research, the Classics Department is able to provide some funding specifically for student endeavors relating to Classical Studies, Latin, and ancient Greek. Thanks to the resources provided in the Lester Reid '56 Academic Enrichment Fund and the Matthew Wiencke Research Fund, we are able to provide grants of up to $4000 toward the cost of eligible projects. Examples of such projects include travel to archaeological sites and museums, off-campus internships, attendance at academic conferences, course-related field trips; participation in archaeological excavations and other fieldwork; tuition and other program costs for summer intensive programs or other off-campus study programs in Latin or ancient Greek; purchase of books, images, or data bases needed for senior honors projects, Culminating Experience projects, and similar independent research projects.



How to apply

The requirements for the application include a brief statement of the nature of your project and the educational benefit you expect to derive from it, a realistic estimate of the costs you will incur through the project, the approval of your major advisor, and one letter of recommendation from a member of the Classics Department. Applicants should include documentation of your acceptance to a formal course of study, internship, excavation, or similar.

You can download the application form here and fill it out electronically. Completed forms are sent to the chair of the Classics Department by email.

Grants may be made for any academic term, with application deadlines as follows:

  • May 15              for grants to be used during the following SUMMER term
  • June 1                for grants to be used during the following FALL term
  • Nov. 15             for grants to be used during the following WINTER term
  • March 15          for grants to be used during the following SPRING term

Students needing to secure funding in order to accept a position in a summer seminar, course, excavation, etc. are advised to apply early and specify the program's deadlines on their applications.

Note: Students who wish to conduct research over the summer term for a Senior Honors Project are encouraged to seek funding from college resources outside the Classics Department. Information about such sources can be found at the Office of Undergraduate Advising & Research.


Priority will be given to students who are:

  • current Dartmouth students
  • not previous recipients of this fellowship
  • holders of a G.P.A. within of 3.5 or better within CLST/LAT/GRK courses
  • majors or minors within the Classics Department (any major track)

Past recipients

  • Anne Johnakin '23 built an experimental kiln to test the firing of ceramics by techniques used in ancient Greece
  • Jacob Parker '23 took a summer intensive Latin course at the University of Virginia
  • Anindu Rentala '21 took an introductory Latin course online from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Leo Wiswall '20 and the Rome FSP class of 2019 created a "picnic club" for the duration of their foreign study program.
  • Noah Simmons '20 and Josh Wende '19 participated in two archaeological digs in Israel, one at the Biblical city of Gath and one at a Minoan-style palace at Tell Kabri.
  • Grace Caldwell '19 studied Latin at the CUNY Greek and Latin Institute.
  • Victoria Corwin '19 participated in an excavation in the Athenian agora.
  • Joshua Wende '19 participated in an archaeological dig in western Cyprus and then another dig at a Bronze Age site in Attica.
  • Thomas Rover '16. ran an archaeological dig, ArchaeoTek, Canada
  • Lea Schroeder '15 delivered an academic paper at the CAMWS Annual Meeting in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Zhenwei Mei '14. Zhenwei Mei attended a month-long, intensive Italian course in preparation for the fall FSP program.
  • Katelyn Burgess '13. Katelyn Burgess worked at the Caladinho Archaeological Project in Portugal.
  • Emily Stronski '13. Emily Stronski worked at the Gabii project in Rome.
  • Emma Vance '13. Emma Vance participated in the excavation at Gournia, a Minoan town on Crete.
  • Chloe Moon '13 and Jenna Winebaum '13. Both participated in the Idalion project, an archaeological dig on Cyprus.
  • Elizabeth Neill '13. Elizabeth Neill presented a paper at the Undergraduate Classics Conference at Miami University (Dayton, Ohio) on Female Figures and Columns in Ancient Greek Art: The Boundaries of the Oikos, and also interned this summer at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Benjamin Driver '12. Benjamin Driver studied Greek at Harvard.
  • Elizabeth Short '12. Elizabeth Short worked on a summer research project.
  • Tara Henn '12. Tara Henn presented a paper on Scenes of Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice on Black-Figure Athenian Pottery at the University of Tennessee's Undergraduate Classics Conference.
  • Kasia Vincunus '11. Kasia Vincunas studied Italian in preparation as the Classics FSP assistant.
  • Kathryn Mammel '11. Kathryn Mammel participated in a Summer excavation in 2009.
  • Alexander Vespoli '09. Alexander Vespoli traveled to England for the summer of 2008 to dig at the Roman site of Vindolanda near Hadrian's Wall in Northumbria. He also interned at the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology at the University of Reading.
  • Ray DiCiaccio '09. Ray DiCiaccio traveled to Greece to work in the Athenian Agora for a summer.
  • Dominic Machado '09. In 2008 Dominic Machado traveled to the APA conference in Chicago to deliver a talk entitled, "Generals, Gods, and Games: Video Games and Classical Antiquity."
  • Briar Teron '08. Briar Teron traveled to Pompeii in 2007 to do on-site research for her thesis about the physical structures and basic operations of Pompeian bakeries.
  • Jacqueline T. Olson '07. Jacqueline Olson traveled to Rome for a week where she conducted research in museums for her senior honors thesis on the Velletri Sarcophagus.
  • Amy R. Bruton '06. Amy Bruton studied Modern Greek for a summer at the School of Modern Greek in Thessaloniki.
  • Clare F. O'Keeffe '06. Clare O'Keeffe studied Italian for a summer at the University for Foreigners Perugia.
  • Anna Sjogren '06. Anna Sjogren traveled to the eastern coast of Crete to participate in the archaeological excavation of the town of Palekastro. There, she hoped to study myths about young Zeus and his connections to Palekastro.
  • Matthew R. Jedreski '05. In 2003, Matt Jedreski traveled to Perugia in Italy to study Italian for a summer. In 2005, he was awarded the Wiencke Research Fund again and took a 10-day research trip to the University of Marburg in Germany and to Greece to research depictions of Cretan religious architecture during the Late Bronze age for his honors thesis.
  • Karen Zook '05. Karen Zook interned at the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology at the University of Reading. There, she performed artifact-based research and utilized university libraries to do research for her honors thesis.
  • James Sham '05. James Sham traveled to Athens, Greece for a winter and study modern Greek, study Hellenistic art at excavation sites and museums, and study modern Greek poetry.
  • Anthony Bider-Hall '05. Anthony Bider-Hall attended The Athens Centre in Athens to learn Modern Greek and to study theology by visiting monuments, churches, and monasteries.
  • Matthew I. Kenney '04. Matthew Kenney participated in an internship at the Ure Museum in Reading, England for a summer.
  • Sarah C. Murray '04. Sarah Murray participated in the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii for a summer.
  • Ryan B. Samuels '04. Ryan Samuels traveled to Rome for six weeks to participate in Aestiva Romae Latinitas, a program in spoken Latin conducted by Father Reginald Foster.
  • Amanda Herring '02. Amanda Herring participated in the American School of Classical Studies' excavations in the Athenian Agora for a summer.