Latin Placement

If you have not studied Latin before, the place to begin is Latin 1, followed immediately by Latin 3. (There is no Latin 2 course.) Placement directly into higher level Latin courses depends on your level of achievement and confidence. This is a collaborative decision between you and members of the Classics faculty.

In order to be placed directly into Latin 3 without taking Latin 1, you should have a “B” score on the Latin Placement Test, or a score of 570-670 on the SAT II Achievement Test in Latin. If you have studied Latin, but have not taken the SAT II Achievement test in Latin, you may take the online Latin Placement Test during First-Year Orientation to receive placement into Latin 3.

All first-year students who have received a placement into Latin 3 are encouraged to visit the Classics department during Orientation for a brief diagnostic which will determine placements into Latin 15. Placement into Latin 15 will also be granted automatically to students who have scored 680 or above on the SAT II Achievement Test in Latin, or who have received a score of ‘5’ on the Latin AP test. An official placement into Latin 15 confers exemption from the College language requirement.

About the Latin placement test

Available only to first-year students during matriculation, the Latin Placement Test is a 45-minute online test consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. All incoming students who have reported some prior study of Latin should already have access to the test on Canvas. Those who do not yet have access can request it by emailing Professor Graver: [email protected]).

Students who have other questions about the placement process are encouraged to contact Professor Graver.