The Department of Classics offers a wide-ranging curriculum taught by a research faculty firmly committed to excellence in undergraduate education. Courses in the department address every aspect of ancient Greek and Roman life and thought: literature, history, philosophy, and cultural issues; archaeology, material remains, museums and sites; Latin and ancient Greek languages from beginning to advanced levels, and methods for the study of texts and manuscripts. Classics also sponsors Off-Campus Study Programs in Greece and Italy.

In keeping with the liberal arts mission of Dartmouth, we offer our students an education of lasting value to their personal and professional lives, with direct connections to many contemporary concerns. Every Classics course aims explicitly to build transferable skills in analytical thinking, oral and written communication, and cultural sensitivity. The legacies of the ancient Greek and Roman world are scrutinized as well as appreciated.

Students who major in Classics often go on to professional careers in law, medicine, the arts, education, or finance. Employers and professional programs are eager to recruit recent Classics graduates because of their rigorous training and proven ability in independent research, logical thinking, and oral and written communication.

The Department is committed to continued revisions of our curriculum and research priorities to broaden the viewpoints and experiences represented in our intellectual community. We are also devoted to continued work for a more diverse field in our commitment to our students.