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  • Technology Showcase

    Visitors to the main Dartmouth Library are being treated this month to a fascinating exhibit on ancient technology and engineering by students in Prof. Kramer’s CLST 12 course. The exhibit will be up through the first part of the summer term.

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  • Awards and Prizes 2019

    May 23 was a special day for the Department as we gathered for the presentation of a Senior Honors Thesis by Grace Caldwell ’19 and to recognize the 2019 recipients of the Justin Firestone ’92 Memorial Prize, the Atherton 1883 Greek Prize, and the Class of 1846 Latin Prize.

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  • Congratulations to our graduates!

    The department is proud to congratulate eighteen members of the class of 2019 who have now received their degrees with majors or minors in Classics. We wish you all the very best as you head off to new adventures!

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  • Greece Program Blog

    Our energetic group of Foreign Study students are entering their second month of study and travel in Greece. The weather is warm and sunny (mostly), and the sights are amazing. The students are keeping a blog of their experiences.

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  • Mythology Students Get Creative

    Creative projects from the summer term Classical Mythology course (CLST 4) are now on display in Reed 322, and a number of others are available in the attached story. Have a look!

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  • Classics Professor’s Book Group for Vets Goes National

    Twenty-two people from across the U.S. gathered on campus recently for five days to discuss Homer’s Odyssey. Their goal: to use the epic poem to draw parallels between war hero Odysseus’ long journey home after the Trojan War and the struggles veterans face today.

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Recent Publications

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  • Seeing Caesars Symbols: Religious Implements on the Coins of Julius Caesar and His Successors

    Roberta L. Stewart

    Concordia Disciplinarum: Essays in ancient coinage, history, and archaeology in honor of William E. Metcalf

  • “Repurposing the Stars: Manilius, Astronomica 1, and the Aratean Tradition.”

    Patrick Glauthier

    American Journal of Philology 138 (2017) 267-303.

  • How to Do Things with History

    Paul Christesen, co-edited with Danielle Allen and Paul Millett

    Oxford University Press, 2018

  • Competition and Innovation in Aristotle, Politics 2

    Inger N. I. Kuin

    Damon, C.; Pieper, C. (eds.) Eris vs. Aemulatio. Valuing Competition in Classical Antiquity, 120-140


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