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  • Seeing Caesar's Symbols

    Roberta Stewart writes article in the "Seeing Caesars Symbols: Religious Implements on the Coins of Julius Caesar and His Successors," in Concordia Disciplinarum: Essays in ancient coinage, history, and archaeology in honor of William E. Metcalf.

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  • Welcome Jennifer Lynn!

    Prof. Lynn is joining us this fall as the Language Program Director for the entire first year's worth of courses in Greek and Latin. She comes to us from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she has taught Latin and Greek at all levels for over a decade.

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  • Welcome Scott Arcenas!

    Please join us in welcoming Prof. Scott Arcenas, who will be teaching ancient history for the 2018-19 academic year. With a 2018 PhD from Stanford University, Prof. Arcenas is an expert in the political and economic history of the ancient Mediterranean.

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  • Remembering Norman Doenges

    We are saddened to hear that Emeritus Professor Norman Doenges has recently passed away. Prof. Doenges taught many generations of students at Dartmouth from 1955-1995 and was much appreciated for his intellectual and academic contributions to the Department.

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  • Mythology Students Get Creative

    Creative projects from the summer term Classical Mythology course (CLST 4) are now on display in Reed 322, and a number of others are available in the attached story. Have a look!

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  • Classics Professor’s Book Group for Vets Goes National

    Twenty-two people from across the U.S. gathered on campus recently for five days to discuss Homer’s Odyssey. Their goal: to use the epic poem to draw parallels between war hero Odysseus’ long journey home after the Trojan War and the struggles veterans face today.

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Recent Publications

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  • Gaps in the record: The missing LH I-II and IIIB phases on Euboea

    Margaretha T. Kramer-Hajos

    In An Island Between Two Worlds: The Archaeology of Euboea from Prehistoric to Byzantine Times, ed. Tankosić et al. (2017)

  • “Repurposing the Stars: Manilius, Astronomica 1, and the Aratean Tradition.”

    Patrick Glauthier

    American Journal of Philology 138 (2017) 267-303.

  • From Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean

    Julie Hruby, and Debra Trusty, editors

    Oxbow Books, 2017

  • Competition and Innovation in Aristotle, Politics 2

    Inger N. I. Kuin

    Damon, C.; Pieper, C. (eds.) Eris vs. Aemulatio. Valuing Competition in Classical Antiquity, 120-140


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