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  • Welcome Professor Dibble!

    A new face in the Classics Department is William (Flint) Dibble, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Malcolm H. Wiener Laboratory for Archaeological Science, American School for Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), University of Cincinnati, who is a visiting lecturer in 2020-21. His area of expertise is Classical Archaeology /Environmental Archaeology /Ancient History /Archaeological Science.

    Flint Dibble barbecuing
  • Were Women the True Artisans Behind Ancient Greek Ceramics?

    Murray and her colleagues argue that women could have been the true potter-artisans of this society. Hruby, who describes Murray and her students' paper as "extraordinarily well-reasoned," is in the process of using fingerprints to shed further light on Greek potters.

    Sapiens Article Julie Hruby
  • Congratulations to our Graduates!

    A big hurrah for sixteen people who have just graduated from Dartmouth with majors, modified majors, and minors in our Department. (Click to see names.) Congratulations on a job well done, and best of luck in your careers now beginning! We will miss you all!

    Collage of photos from graduates and others
  • Ancient Medicine Class Visits the Anatomy Lab

    After reading ancient texts about human anatomy and physiology, students in the Winter 2020 CLST 11 class (Ancient Medicine) visited the Anatomy Lab at Geisel School of Medicine for a chance to examine bones and organs up close.

    Students stand around a table examining human and animal bones
  • The Gold Bee

    Classics is now the proud owner of this pendant designed and made by Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza '19, using the ancient technique of gold granulation. Read more here about Nelly's method and see more of her designs.

  • Simone Oppen joins the Classics Faculty

    A new face in the Classics Department this year is Simone Oppen, who is a Visiting Professor in 2019-20 and 2020-21. A specialist in Classical literature and historiography, she will be teaching both Classical Mythology and Literature and the Romans this fall.

Recent Publications

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  • Playing the Volcano: Prometheus Bound and Fifth Century Volcanic Theory

    Patrick Glauthier

    Classical Philology 113 (2018): 255–78.

  • Interiority and Freedom in Seneca's De Beneficiis: Acts of Kindness and the Perfected Will

    Margaret Graver

    Self, Self-Fashioning and Individuality in Late Antiquity, ed. Maren R. Niehoff and Joshua Levinson, 69-86. Mohr Siebeck, 2020.

  • Progress and Precarity: 150 Years of TAPA

    Roberta L. Stewart, Dominic Machado

    Transactions of the American Philological Association 149 ​Supplement (2019): 39-60.

  • Dictionaries as translations: English in the Lexicon

    Margaret Williamson

    In Liddell and Scott: The History, Methodology and Languages of the World's Leading Lexicon of Ancient Greek, 2019


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