Entry points for Classical Studies

CLST 1 Introductory Topics in Classical Studies   Which ancient faces and personalities come alive for us when we look back at Greek and Roman antiquity? How does the world of the ancient Mediterranean intrigue, repel, awe, amuse, or disturb us? Designed for students who have not previously taken courses in this area, this special-topics course introduces the different areas and disciplines that contribute to Classical Studies in the the twenty-first century. CI. Open to all classes.

     In Winter 2021: CLST 1.02 Foodstuffs and Culinary Culture  One thing all humans share is a relationship with food. This course examines how ancient Greeks and Romans used food to differentiate between themselves and others, and how they used food to differentiate among themselves. Topics covered include culture-specific considerations of what food was, who prepared it, techniques of food preparation, customs and social differences relating to consumption. Hruby    

     In Fall 2021 and Spring 2022: CLST 1.03 Antiquity Today   The Romans had the Colosseum, the Greeks had the dramatic stage. What does the different ways they staged violence tell us about the Romans and the Greeks? Topics we cover include Greek and Roman attitudes toward violence, their approaches to classifying and evaluating sexual behaviors, their religious beliefs, and the ways they governed their societies. In all cases we will use what we learn about the Greek and Roman ways of doing things to help think about our own practices and predilections. Christesen.

CLST 4    Classical Mythology An introduction to Greek myths and their use and transformation in ancient Greek and Latin literature. Lectures will regularly incorporate material culture, history, and contemporary scholarship to contextualize the readings. We will also examine how these myths shape and express identities in both ancient and modern settings.

CLST 06   Introduction to Classical Archaeology Introduces the basic methods and principles of Classical archaeology. Students will acquire an appreciation of the development of material culture in the Mediterranean world from prehistory to the collapse of the Roman Empire.  INT or ART, W. 

CLST 07   First-Year Seminar in Classical Studies   See listings on the Registrar's Timetable.