Language study -- Ancient Greek

Where to start

If you have never studied ancient Greek before, the place to begin is GRK 1 in Winter, followed by GRK 3 in Spring. (There is no GRK 2). These courses cover all the basics and introduce some reading skills. During Spring term, there is also the option of Intensive Greek, a two-credit course that covers both GRK 1 and GRK 3. Successful completion of GRK 3 satisfies the College language requirement.

If you have already studied ancient Greek before coming to Dartmouth, please read the section on Placement in Ancient Greek.

Continuing your study of Greek

After completing Greek 1 and 3, you will enter an intermediate course, Greek 10, which will be based around a theme or an important text. For instance, we might read Plato's Crito or one of the beautiful speeches by Lysias. As you proceed, you will continue to develop your overall knowledge of the language, and will be able to immerse yourself in some of the ideas circulating in Athens in its political, literary, and philosophical heyday. If you are unable to take Greek 10 in the spring term, there is another opportunity in the fall.

After Greek 10 you are eligible for any course numbered 20 or above. Homer's Iliad,  Euripides' Medea, Plato's Republic, the New Testament Greek are just a few of the texts you might read in the original language. During sophomore summer, there is a combined seminar with the advance Latin students.