Culminating Experience

Students majoring in the Department of Classics may fulfill their Culminating Experience requirement in one of four ways:

A. Complete a Senior Honors Project (requires prior approval from the Classics Department)

B. Complete both the Greece and the Rome Foreign Study Programs

C. Complete a Classics-related internship (for example, at the Hood Museum) together with an independent study course related to the internship. Please read the how-to page here.

D. Complete an extra course within the department, and complete a substantial paper (c. 20-25 pages in length) or equivalent project in conjunction with that course. Please read the how-to page here.

About completing the Culminating Experience with an internship

1. The internship and course must be undertaken during the junior or senior year.

2. The independent study course requires prior approval by the  Classics Department, which means that the student is responsible for submitting a proposal to the chair of the department during the term prior to the internship term. Students are advised to begin talking to a potential faculty advisor for the project well in advance. Once approval is given, the student will be issued permission to register for CLST 85.

3. The independent study class will include the work undertaken as part of the internship, but is not limited to that; it can and should include additional study and research on matters related to the internship.

About completing the Culminating Experience with an extra course

  1. The course designated for the Culminating Experience must be taken during the junior or senior year.
  2. If the course designated as a Culminating Experience does not normally require a substantial paper or project, the student must make arrangements with the instructor to add one to the standard requirements for the course. If the course normally requires a shorter paper or smaller project, the paper or project required to fulfill the Culminating Experience may replace the shorter one, at the discretion of the instructor.
  3. In all cases, the student must inform the instructor of the plan to use the course for the Culminating Experience before the end of the first week of term.
  4. A list of course that are eligible to be selected for the Culminating experience is provided annually by the Classics Department. For 2018-19, the list is below. Students who have a particular desire to do their CE with a course not on this list must gain prior approval from the Classics Department.

Winter 2021

CLST 10.03  Mind, Heart, Brain - Graver

CLST 24: Etruscan and Early Roman Archaeology: The Rise of Rome (SOC/W) - Ulrich

GRK 29: New Testament (TMV/W) - Whaley

CLST 22: City-States and Panhellenic Sanctuaries (ART:WCult:W) - Hruby

Spring 2021

CLST 15 Alexander and the Macedonian Kings - Christesen

CLST 26 Later Roman Imperial Archaeology - Ulrich

GRK 24 Theater - Oppen

LAT 27 Mortality and Immortality in Roman Philosophy - Graver

Summer 2021

CLST 12.03 Ancient Technology and Engineering  - Ulrich

Fall 2021

CLST 17    History of the Roman Republic   - Stewart

GRK 20    Homer - Tell

LAT 20      Ovid's Metamorphoses -  Glauthier

CLST 11   Ancient Sparta   -  Christesen

Winter 2022

CLST 10   Ancient Medicine   - Glauthier

CLST 21  Greek Archaeology - Hruby

GRK 28   Plato's Symposium - Graver

LAT 29      Courtroom Speech - Stewart

CLST 11 TBD - Stewart

Spring 2022

CLST 14   Archaic and Classical Greece - Christesen

GRK 30   The End of the World - Whaley

LAT 21    Love Poetry  -  Glauthier

This list is subject to revision.