Previous Benefactors' Fund Lectures

2019 - From Quintilian to Dred Scott: An Issue in the Jurisprudence of Slavery - Matthew Leigh, Oxford University

2018 - We the People - Athenian Style: How Modern Democracy is Not Ancient - Paul Cartledge, Cambridge University

2017 - God-like power? Rome's Imperial Women and Religion, Mary T. Boatwright, Duke University

2016 - Author words and meaning: Plato and the problem of hermeneutics, Stephen Halliwell, University of St. Andrew

2015 - A Maiden's Consent: Romance and Sexual Ethics at the Dawn of Christianity, Tim Whitmarsh, University of Cambridge

2014 - How Greek is Greek Art?  Originals, Mashups, & Identity in the Past; Carla Antonaccio, Duke University *Cancelled*

2013 - Soldiers Home, Life after Battle, Lawrence Tritle, Loyola Marymount University

2012 - Peter Struck, University of Pennsylvania; "Oracles, Omens, and Dreams among the Philosophers, A Cognitive Approach to Divination"

2011 - "Reading Between the Poems: Desire and Deception in Ovid Amores 2" Ellen Oliensis, Berkeley

2010 - Pots, Politics and the Impact of Democracy on Athens: How the Iconography of Painted Pottery Changed Between 520 - 440 BC with Robin Osborne, Professor of Ancient History, University of Cambridge, UK

2009 - "War, Justice, and Empire in Classical Athens" with David Cohen, Sidney and Margaret Ancker Professor in Rhetoric and Classics at University of California at Berkeley

2008 - Finding a New Greek Temple: Excavations and Explorations at Bonjaket in Albania; Jack Davis, University of Cincinnati, Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

2007 - From Roman Games to Reality TV: Spectacles of Humiliation and the Politics of Empire; Daniel Mendelsohn, award winning author, journalist and critic

2006 - Imitation, Evolution, and Cultural Change: Towards a History of Mimetic Regimes; Thomas Habinek, University of Southern California

2005 - Smoking the Womb: Gynecological Therapy in Ancient Greece; Lesley Dean Jones, University of Texas at Austin

2004 - What is 'Classical' About Classical Antiquity?; James Porter, University of Michigan

2003 - A Higher Order of Killing: The Origin, Evolution, and Canonization of the Roman Amphitheater; Katherine Welch, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

2002 - Storytelling, Metamorphosis, and Reliable Narrators in Ovid's Metamorphoses; Michael Simpson, University of Texas at Dallas

2001 - What Augustine Didn't Confess; James O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania

2000 - Roman Selfhood: Sensualists, Stoics, and Spectators in the Early Empire; Shadi Bartsch, University of Chicago

1999 - Same Sex Marriage in Roman Law; Bruce Frier, University of Michigan

1998 - Imagining Sappho's Music; Christian Wolff, Dartmouth College

1997 - Feasting on Nature: The Archaeology of Roman Leisure; Bettina Bergmann, Mount Holyoke College

1996 - Stringing the Patriarch's Bow: Honor, Class, and the Family in Homer's Odyssey; William G. Thalmann, University of Southern California

1995 - Hypatia: Lynchings Ancient and Modern; Alan Cameron, Columbia University

1994 - The Art of Livia and the Power of Women in the Age of Augustus; Diana E.E. Kleiner, Yale University

1993 - The Gender of Sound; Anne Carson, McGill University

1992 - The Bronze Age Origins of Greek Sculpture; Jane Carter, Tulane University

1991 - The Death of Pleasure: Literary Critics in Technological Societies; W.R. Johnson, University of Chicago

1990 - Ancient Art in the New World: America's Debt to Antiquity; Maxwell Anderson, Emory University Museum

1989 - Hippocleides Doesn't Care: Athenian Drama and the Poetics of Manhood; John J. Winkler, Stanford University

1988 - Cyclic and Homeric in Early Greek Art; Steven Lattimore, University of California, Los Angeles

1987 - A New Pompeii on Cyprus; David Soren, University of Arizona