Previous Zarbin lectures

2022 - Black Classical Receptions and the Problem of Sigmund Freud's Oedipus - Patrice Rankine, University of Chicago

2021 - Living with the Dead: Urbanism in the Roman Suburb, Allison Emmerson, Tulane University

2020 - Diversitas: The Roman Roots of Racial Capitalism - Dr. Nandini B. Pandey, University of Wisconsin

2019 - Petsas House, Mycenae: pottery, production, and the palatial economy of the 14thc. BCE - Kim Shelton, University of California at Berkeley

2018 - How to Do the History of Nature - Brooke Holmes, Princeton University

2017 - Framing Victory: Salamis, the Athenian Acropolis, and the Agora - John Papadopolous, University of California, Los Angeles

2016 - A useable classical past? Novelty and tradition in Cicero, Vergil and Hannah Arendt - Joy Connolly, City University of New York

2015 - Excavating a Mycenaean Palace at Ayios Vasileios, Near Sparta - Adamantia Vasilogamvrou, University of Athens, Greece

2014 - How Greek is Greek Art? Originals, Mashups, and Identity in the Past -  Carla Antonaccio, Duke University

2013 - The Cinematography of Vergil's Aeneid -  Kirk Freudenburg, Yale University

2012 - Sacred Landscapes in Samnium: Rural Cult Places and State Formation in Republican Italy - Tesse Stek, Leiden University

2011 - Life and Death at a Port in Roman Greece: Recent Investigations at Kenchreai - Joseph Rife, Macalester College