How to complete your CE requirement with a course:

1. The course designated for the Culminating Experience must be taken during your junior or senior year.

2. If the course designated as a Culminating Experience does not normally require a substantial paper or project, you are required to make arrangements with the professor to add that to the usual requirements for the course.

3. If the course normally requires a paper or project, but a shorter or smaller one, your professor may give permission for your CE paper/project to replace the shorter one, or s/he may ask you to complete both.

4. Your professor needs to know in advance about your intention to use the course for your CE. It is advisable to discuss this matter with them even before the class begins -- but in all cases you must do so before the end of the first week of term.

5. A list of course that are eligible to be selected for the Culminating Experience is provided annually by the Classics Department. See below for this year's list.

CE-Eligible courses 2019-20

Fall 2019

·  CLST 20: The Emergence of Civilization in the Aegean - Hruby - 12

·  GRK 24: Theater - Lurie - 11

Winter 2020

·  CLST 21: City-States and Panhellenic Sanctuaries - Hruby- 2

·  GRK 28: Philosophy - Tell - 10


Spring 2020

  • CLST 02  The Tragedy and Comedy of Greece and Rome - Lurie - 11

·  CLST 11.03 Early Sparta and Corinth - Christensen - 10

·  CLST 12.02: Roman Technology and Engineering - Ulrich - 2

·  CLST 14: Archaic and Classical Greece - Christensen - 12

·  CLST 25: The First Emperors - Ulrich - 11

·  GRK 30: The End of the World: Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Literature - Whaley - 10