How to complete your CE requirement with an internship

1. The internship and course must be undertaken during the junior or senior year.

2. The internship would normally be one of the curatorial internships offered by the Hood Museum; please visit their site here. There are many good possibilities involving objects and coins in the Museum's collections. The Museum has its own application procedures, and success is not guaranteed, so be sure to begin the process as early as possible.

3. For internships working with the Hood's extensive collection of ancient coins, please consult with Prof. Roberta Stewart.

3. The independent study course requires prior approval by the  Classics Department, which means that you are responsible for submitting a proposal to the department chair during the term prior to your planned internship term. You will need a faculty advisor for this part, so be sure to talk with potential advisors as part of drafting your proposal.

4. Once your project is approved, you will be given permission to register for CLST 85.

5. The independent study class will include the work undertaken as part of the internship, but is not limited to that; it can and should include additional study and research on matters related to the internship.