Jeremy B. Rutter

Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies
Sherman Fairchild Professor Emeritus in the Humanities

Curriculum Vitae
HB 6086
B.A. Haverford College
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Selected publications

Ben-Shlomo, D., E. Nodarou, and J. B. Rutter, “Transport Stirrup Jars from the Southern Levant: New Light on Commodity Exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean,” American Journal of Archaeology 115 (2011) 329-353.

Tomlinson, J. E., J. B. Rutter, and S. M. A. Hoffmann,Mycenaean and Cypriot Late Bronze Age Ceramic Imports to Kommos:An Investigation by Neutron Activation Analysis, Hesperia 79 (2010) 191-231.

“How about the Pace of Change for a Change of Pace?,” in S. W. Manning and M. J. Bruce (eds.), Tree Rings, Kings and Old World Archaeology and Environment: Papers Presented in Honor of Peter Ian Kuniholm (Oxford 2009) 189-194.

Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy (Hesperia Supplement 41) , editor, with A Cohen, (2007).

Chapt. 3.1 “Introduction,” Chapt. 3.3. “Neopalatial and Late Minoan Pottery,” Chapt. 3.4 “Ceramic Imports at Knossos,” and Chapt. 5.1 “Ceramic Evidence for External contact: Neopalatial and Postpalatial,” in Kommos V: The Monumental Buildings at Kommos , J W and M C Shaw (eds.), (2006) 230 pages

“Southern Triangles Revisited: Laconia, Messenia, and Crete in the 14th- 12th-Centuries B.C.,” in Ariadne’s Threads: Connections between Crete and the Greek Mainland in the Postpalatial Period (LM IIIA2 to LM IIIC) , A L D’Agata and J Moody (eds.), (2005) 17-50.

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean , 1997