Modified Major in Classical Archaeology

Prior to the Class of 2018

Prerequisite: GRK or LAT 10, or equivalent. (moved to list of requirements, replaced with CLST 6)

  • Four courses selected from CLST 20-26.
  • One course in ancient history selected from CLST 14, CLST 15, CLST 17, CLST 18, or CLST 19.
  • One additional course selected from: all remaining Classical Studies offerings, CLST 2 or higher; courses in Greek or Latin numbered 10 or higher (excluding GRK 11).

Participation in either of the Department's two Foreign Study Programs will meet the requirements for two of the above six courses, one in archaeology and one in history (CLST 30 and CLST 31 respectively).

The proposed changes are intended to update the requirements to (1) ensure that all Classical archaeology majors take the relevant methodology course (CLST 6) and (2) reflect the addition of special topics courses in ancient history (CLST 11) and Classical archaeology (CLST 12). Furthermore, the current description of the Modified Major in Classical Archaeology does not offer any information about the requirements for courses used to modify the major and how those courses should integrate with the courses taken in Classics. It also leaves some ambiguities with respect to counting courses from the Department's FSPs toward the major.

Beginning with the Class of 2019

Prerequisite: CLST 6, to provide an overview of the chronology and geography of the Classical world and to introduce students to the methodologies of archaeology.


  • Three courses in Classical archaeology selected from CLST 12, 20-26, 30. Students are encouraged to study the archaeology of both Greece and Rome. CLST 12 is a topics course that can be taken more than once when different subjects are offered.
  • One course in ancient history, selected from CLST 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19. This course helps establish a general knowledge of ancient Greek and Roman history and introduces students to historical methodologies.
  • One course in ancient Greek or Latin numbered 10 or higher (excluding Greek 11).
  • Completion of Culminating Experience requirement.

Participation in either of the Department's two Foreign Study Programs will meet the requirements for two of
the above courses, one in ancient history and one in Classical archaeology. No more than two courses from
any single Classics Foreign Study Program may count towards the modified major. (Three courses can be
counted from participation in both the Greece and Rome FSP programs.)

A modified major in Classical Archaeology consists of the courses listed above AND five additional
courses taken in one or more other departments or programs. All modified majors must be planned as a
coherent whole. Students must submit a written statement to the Classics Department explaining their
rationale for the courses selected for the modified major, and that statement must be approved by the