Classics Senior Theses Presentations

Seniors  presented their theses this year on May 16 & May 18, 2023.

May 16, 2023

Jacob H. Parker
Hebrew Education at Dartmouth: The Forgotten Language
Advisor: Häkan Tell

Carson D. Riggs
Solomon as Protector of the Womb: The Image of the Holy Rider on Late Antique Gem Amulets
Advisor: Christopher MacEvitt
Julie Hruby

Abigail S. Hyun
A Humanistic Approach to the MI Year: Practical Philosophical Lessons from Ancient Writers & Medical Practitioners
Advisor: Patrick Glauthier

Ian D. Gill
Pitying the Enemy in Aeschylus' Persians
Advisor: Häkan Tell

Elizabeth A. Hadley
A Metamorphosis of Ovid's Metamorphoses
Advisor: Patrick Glauthier

Presentation of the Zarbin Prize in Ancient History and the Zarbin Prize in Classical Archaeology

 May 18, 2023

William C. Dowling
Aristotle on Animals: Teleology and Ethics
Advisor: Häkan Tell

Nathaniel W. Kramer
A Digital Archaelogy of Sparta: A Diachronic Data and  Spatial-driven Approach
Advisor: Paul Christesen

Grace E. Goodwin
Pauline Christianity and the Paradox of Agency and Chosenness in the Shepherd of Hermas
Advisor: Lindsay Whaley

Sarah A. Mason
Xenophon's Apology
Advisor: Häkan Tell

Presentation of the Atherton 1883 Greek Prize,  the Class of 1846 Latin Prize, and the Justin Firestone Prize
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