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  • I am a partner in the Capital Markets department of Dacheng
    Dentons, a full service, multinational law firm with 120 offices across 52
    countries (including, most recently, mainland China).  My specialty is
    establishing receivables-backed revolving credit facilities, but I work on
    several other types of deals and asset-classes as well.  I also teach
    securitization and the capital markets as an adjunct professor at New York
    Law School.  My classics studies at...

  • After I finished at Dartmouth, I worked two years as a reporter in New York.
    My time on the FSP in Rome with Professor Stewart was probably my happiest
    time in college, and eventually in New York I got the idea to apply for
    funding to research something related to my work as a journalist in Germany.
    I won a Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst stipend to research German
    quality newspapers — I was working as a media reporter in New York
    covering print media. I...

  • As a Classical Archaeology major at Dartmouth, I took part in the
    Classics Department's 1997 Foreign Study Program in Rome, and also served as
    ancient coin intern at the Hood Museum of Art in 1998-99. This was my first
    opportunity to work directly with ancient objects, and although it took some
    time, this truly helped to shape my professional career. Following
    graduation, I excavated in the Athenian Agora with the American School of
    Classical Studies, but did...

  • Assistant Professor Julie Hruby is headed off for the FSP Greece. Please go to the Official Blog of Dartmouth College's Classics Foreign Study Program.

    For more information on the Dartmouth Greek Foreign Study Program please go to: Classics Greek Foreign Study Program

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  • The 2009 APA Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Pre-collegiate Level goes to Stergios "Sterg" Lazos, Class of 1984. Congratulations!

    During twenty-five years of teaching, Sterg has created a Latin program at one school, helped another grow from 19 students to over 100, and at St. Edward High School has increased classics offerings from four courses to twelve, including Greek. Twice the Ohio Classical Conference has chosen his program as the best in the state.

  • Dartmouth Fulbright Winner

    When she moved to Belgium from the United States in first grade, Anna Leah Berstein Simpson '13 struggled to learn the country's language of French. By the time she moved back to the U.S. in fourth grade, she was almost fluent.

    "Learning a new language is a very empowering experience," she says. Her experience in Belgium, Berstein Simpson says, is one reason she is looking forward to teaching English in France as the recipient of a French Government...

  • Every Monday, about a dozen veterans, whose service ranges from World War II to Afghanistan, gather in the Murray Room of Hanover’s Howe Library. They are members of a book group started six years ago by Dartmouth Department of Classics Chair Roberta Stewart. But the veterans don’t read a rotating selection of best sellers or historical tomes. Rather, during each 10-to-12 week session, they read one of two works by Homer: The Odyssey or The Iliad. This spring, it happens to be the latter....