Modified Major in Classical Languages and Literature


Any five courses in Greek and/or Latin numbered 10 or higher (excluding Greek 11). These courses enhance students' knowledge of the corpus of ancient Greek and Latin texts, familiarize them with advanced methodologies of literary analysis, and build their research skills. Greek 30, and Latin 30 are topics courses that can be taken more than once when different subjects are offered.

One course selected from CLST 2-5, 10; Philosophy 11. This course helps establish a general knowledge of languages, literature, and systems of thought in ancient Greece and Rome and introduces students to the methodologies used in studying that subject matter.

Completion of Culminating Experience Requirement.

A modified major in Classical Languages and Literature consists of the courses listed above AND five additional courses taken in one or more other departments or programs. All modified majors must be planned as a coherent whole. Students must submit a written statement to the Classics Department explaining their rationale for the courses selected for the modified major, and that statement must be approved by the Department.