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  • “The Slave as Roman Outsider,” in D. Hammer, ed. Blackwell Companion to Ancient and Modern Democracies and Republics

    Roberta L. Stewart

    Wiley-Blackwell (2014)

  • “Moving from Ancient Typology to an Understanding of the Causes of Variability: A Mycenaean Case Study."

    Julie Hruby

    Understanding Standardization and Variation in Mediterranean Ceramics: Mid 2nd to Late 1st Millennium BC. (2014)

  • Honeybee Reading and Self-Scripting: Seneca’s Epistle 84

    Margaret Graver, ed. J. Wildberger and M. Colish. Walter de Gruyter

    Seneca Philosophus (2014).

  • A Companion to Roman Architecture

    Roger B. Ulrich, L. Lancaster

    Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World (2013).


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