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  • Der schiffbrüchige Odysseus oder: Wie Arkesilaos zum Skeptiker wurde

    Michael Lurie

    Zu Timon von Phleius fr. 806 SH (32 D), Philologus (2014) 183–186

  • “The Slave as Roman Outsider,” in D. Hammer, ed.

    Roberta L. Stewart

    Blackwell Companion to Ancient and Modern Democracies and Republics: A Comparative Approach (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014) 405-428.

  • The Emotional Intelligence of Epicureans: Doctrinalism and Adaptation in Seneca’s Epistles

    Margaret Graver

    192-210 in Roman Reflections: Essays on Latin Philosophy, ed. Gareth Williams and Katharina Volk. Oxford University Press, 2015


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