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  • Welcome to the Members of the Class of 2021!

    This page will guide you to many ways to study ancient Greece and Rome. There are courses in language, history, archaeology, and philosophy, as well as FSP’s to Greece and Italy. You can also find tabs for Latin and Greek placement and to meet the faculty.

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  • Classics Welcomes Professor Glauthier

    This fall, Patrick Glauthier will be joining the Classics Department as a new Assistant Professor specializing in Latin literature. Prof. Glauthier has worked especially on the emergence and development of scientific theory in Rome.

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  • New faculty in 2017

    This fall the Classics Department is delighted to welcome two additional visiting faculty members: Afroditi Manthati-Angelopoulou, who is a specialist in Greek poetry and theater, and Emilia Barbiero, who specializes in Latin literature with a particular interest in the comedies of Plautus.

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  • A Living Language: Latin 1 at Play and a Latin Podcast

    Suzanne Lye's course intentionally discards many traditional ways of teaching. She incorporates “game-based” learning, and her students engage in creative multi-media presentations and projects to learn Latin. This term, her Latin 1 class produced a podcast on Roman topics.

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  • Spotlight on Teaching with Museum Collections

    Dartmouth faculty & students from disciplines including art history, classics, religion, & history, made use of both the Yale loans and works from the Hood collection to reveal connections to wider cultural, religious, political, and social themes.

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Recent Publications

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  • “Roman Allotment and the Selection of Bishops”

    Roberta L. Stewart

    Old Society, New Belief. Religious Transformation of China and Rome, ca. 1st-6th Centuries, ed. Poo et al. Oxford, 2017.

  • Mycenaean Greece and the Aegean: Palace and Province in the Late Bronze Age

    Margaretha T. Kramer-Hajos

    Cambridge University Press 2016

  • From Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean

    Julie Hruby, and Debra Trusty, editors

    Oxbow Books, 2017

  • “Ethical Psychology in the Hellenistic Stoa”

    Margaret Graver

    Cambridge Companion to Ancient Ethics, ed. Bobonich (Cambridge, 2017).


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