Senior Honors Program

Students eligible for the honors program in Classical Languages and Literatures, Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, or Classical Studies may elect one of three projects for their Senior year: a thesis, a comprehensive examination, or an Honors essay and a written examination on connected subjects. They should identify their principal adviser and submit a formal proposal to Chair of the department by May 1 of their Junior year for admission to the program.

Only those students who satisfactorily complete an Honors program with a B+ average or better will earn Honors in their major or, in appropriate cases, High Honors. High Honors will be granted only by vote of the Department on the basis of outstanding independent work.

Students in the Honors program are responsible for selecting their principal advisers from among the departmental faculty; the department will assign a second reader to each Honors student. The principal adviser will approve a reading list for the student and check his or her progress at regular intervals during the year in order to assure adequate progress towards completion of the honors program on schedule.

PDF iconPractical Advice For Students Undertaking Honors Work In Classics.pdf

You should not fail to submit a proposal to the department before May 1 if you are a Junior and interested in an honors project for your Senior year.

To see a list of past students' Honors theses, please click here.

Other Research Opportunities

The department also advises students on opportunities for archaeological fieldwork in the summer, whether or not such fieldwork will immediately precede or follow participation in one of the department’s own off-campus programs.