Inger N. I. Kuin

Senior Lecturer
Academic Appointments

Senior Lecturer of Classics

My research focuses on the cultural history of the Roman East. I'm working on a book on the comic dialogues of Lucian of Samosata, which showcase how, at the time, laughter served to mediate the relationship between gods and men, and to facilitate reflection on the complexities of religious ideas and practices. My recent publications deal with the depiction of Sulla's sack of Athens in Greek historiography, the role of Strabo's own family history in his account of the Mithridatic Wars, and the surprising and unexplained double-sided nature of some Roman epitaphs in the New York University epigraphy collection. 

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312 Reed Hall
HB 6086
B.A. Philosophy Amsterdam University
M.A. Philosophy Amsterdam University
M.A. Journalism Amsterdam University
Ph. D. Classics New York University

Selected Publications

Kuin, I.N.I. 2018. Leven met de goden: Religie in de oudheid (Living With the Gods: Religion in Antiquity), Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.

Dijkstra, T.M.; I.N.I. Kuin; M. Moser; D. Weidgenannt (eds.). 2017. Strategies of Remembering in Greece Under Rome (100 BC - 100 AD). Publications of the Netherlands Institute in Athens VI, Sidestone Press, Leiden.

Kuin, I.N.I. 2018. ‘Sulla and the Creation of Roman Athens,’ Mnemosyne 71.4, 616—639.

Kuin, I.N.I. 2017.Unseen and Unharmed: A Case Study in Understanding Opisthographic Epitaphs,’ Classical Quarterly 67.2, 573—582.

Kuin, I.N.I. 2017.Rewriting Family History: Strabo and the Mithridatic Wars,’ Phoenix 71.1/2: 102118.

Kuin, I.N.I. 2011. ‘P. Oxy VI.950: Homer, Iliad 11.359-402,’ Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 48, 2226.

Works in Progress

Kuin, I.N.I. Forthcoming. ‘Competition and Innovation in Aristotle, Politics 2,’ in C. Pieper; C. Damon (eds.), Eris vs. Aemulatio: Competition in Classical Antiquity. Brill, Leiden.

Kuin, I.N.I. Under review. ‘Patroclus Was a Parasite: Lucian’s Satirical Aitia,’ in J.J.H. Klooster; A.B. Wessels (eds.), Inventing Origins: The Function of Aetiology in Antiquity.  Routledge, London. 

Kuin, I.N.I. Under review. ‘Diogenes vs. Demonax: Laughter as Philosophy in Lucian,’ in P. Destrée; F. Trivigno (eds.), Laughter in Ancient Philosophy. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Kuin, I.N.I. Under review. ‘Loukianos atheos? Humor and religious doubt in Lucian of Samosata,’ in B. Edelmann-Singer; T. Nicklas; J. Spittler (eds.), Sceptic and Believer. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament I. Mohr Siebeck,  Tübingen.