Emilia A. Barbiero


Visiting Lecturer

Emilia Barbiero comes to Dartmouth from New York University and before that the University of Toronto, where she received her PhD in Classics in 2014. Her research interests focus on republican literature and ancient letters.

Emilia's major project at the moment is a book on the letters in Plautus. This study seeks to discern how the playwright uses text and manipulates epistolary conventions to advance the plot and cause comic mischief. It also treats the age-old question of translation from a novel perspective by arguing that the embedded epistle may be a read as a signifier of Plautus' originality vis-à-vis his Greek models. 

In nuce Emilia's work on Plautus seeks to shine a light on the poet's literary sophistication and playful engagement with the Greek poetic tradition. In this vein she has published on Plautus' agonistic stance towards Menander in the Bacchides and, more recently in a forthcoming article, on how the same play acknowledges Homer and Euripides as the primi inventores of the poetic epistle on the 'page' and on the stage. Emilia has published on various other Plautine topics, too, including the interaction of oratory and comedy, and Plautus' conceptions of 'the new'. She also has strong interests in Greek epistolography, having published on Alciphron and Aristainetos.

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In the future, Emilia plans to shift her gaze to the Catullan corpus and explore how epistles and the materiality of text work in that author's poetic universe. 

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Curriculum Vitae
HB 6086
B.A. University of Toronto
M.A. University of Toronto
Ph.D. University of Toronto