Welcome to the Members of the Class of 2021!

The Department of Classics offers a broad range of courses in Greek and Latin language and literature; Greek and Latin literature in English translation; Greek and Roman history, archaeology, mythology, philosophy, and religion; and Modern Greek. Most of our classes have 25 students or fewer.

Study of the Classics can be an ideal undergraduate liberal arts program for individuals preparing for careers in a wide variety of professions. We work closely with our students in developing their skillsets so that they graduate with highly advanced competencies in creatively analyzing and synthesizing qualitative information, using texts and artifacts to examine cultural systems and systems of thought, communicating clearly with the written and spoken word, and collaborating effectively with others.

In addition to a major program in the Classical Languages and Literature, the department also offers majors in Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, and Classical Studies, the last of which is ideal for students who seek a liberal arts major that does not require Greek or Latin.