Professors Win Teaching Award for New Course

Professors Win Apgar Award for Innovation in Teaching

Two Dartmouth professors, Julie Hruby, an assistant professor of classical studies, and Deborah Nichols, the William J. Bryant 1925 Professor of Anthropology, have received the inaugural 2015 Apgar Award for Innovation in Teaching for their new course, “Who Owns the Past?”

The award recognizes and supports innovative teaching initiatives that cross traditional academic boundaries. It is aimed at proposals for team-taught, interdisciplinary courses, particularly those offered by faculty at an early stage of their careers and particularly faculty in the Arts and Humanities.

“The course will address many of the issues that we see in the newspaper every day—looting of archaeological sites by political actors like the Islamic State, repatriation of sacred objects and monuments like the Parthenon marbles, art seized by the Nazis during World War II, and the sometimes fraught relationship among tourism, archaeology, and indigenous people,” says Hruby.


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