Welcome Scott Arcenas!

Please join us in welcoming Prof. Scott Arcenas, who will be teaching ancient history for the 2018-19 academic year. With a 2018 PhD from Stanford University, Prof. Arcenas is an expert in the political and economic history of the ancient Mediterranean. In addition to CLST 15 (Alexander and the Macedonian Kings), he will be teaching a special topics class this winter on Democracy, Ancient and Modern, as well as CLST 19 (Methods and Theory in Ancient History) in the spring.

His current book project examines the nature, frequency, and intensity of political violence in the c. 1,100 poleis inhabited by the ancient Greeks during the Classical and early Hellenistic periods. It also introduces new methods and new tools to overcome three of the most significant obstacles that face attempts to study Greek history on a panhellenic scale: the scarcity, ambiguity, and deep biases of the evidentiary record. 

He is also working on two articles on topics in Roman history: an examination, based on a die-study conducted over the past seven years, of Flavian minting practices; and a discussion of maritime transportation during the Roman era.