Visiting from New Zealand!

During the first week of May, the department welcomes Sean McConnell of the University of Otago. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, Prof. McConnell specializes in Roman philosophy, with a particular interest in the interface of philosophy and politics at Rome during the decline and fall of the Roman republic. His book Philosophical Life in Cicero's Letters appeared from Cambridge University Press in 2014.

During his visit, Prof. McConnell will lead a session for students in Latin 26 on Cicero's famous letter to Paetus on freedom of speech (which includes the use of obscenities). This will take place on Tuesday, May 2, from 2:25-4:15 in Reed 106. Observers are welcome; please contact Prof. Graver for a copy of the letter.

Also on May 2, Prof. McConnell will conduct a dinner seminar for faculty on the topic “Cicero and the Golden Age Tradition.” Interested faculty, again please contact Prof. Graver to be included.

This event is sponsored by the Department of Classics and by the Matariki Network of Universities.