Student Exhibit: Ancient Magic and Religion

Learn about magical and religious objects from ancient Greece and Rome by
visiting the Baker/Berry Library Main space! The students from the course
Ancient Magic and Religion (Classics 10/Religion 19), taught by postdoctoral
fellow Suzanne Lye, used several Dartmouth workshops to research and recreate
objects related to state religion, personal protection, love magic, curse
tablets, etc. The objects will be on display in the Baker/Berry Library Main
space until March 16th.

This project was funded through the generosity of an experiential learning
grant from DCAL and the support of the Department of Classics. The workshops
used for this project included: Book Arts, Ceramics, Woodworking, and Jewelry.
Students also used the Jones Media Center.

Please enjoy the video the students made called: Magical Cures and Cosmetics