Seneca's Letters on Ethics

The University of Chicago Press announced in November the publication of a new annotated edition of Seneca’s Letters on Ethics to Lucilius. The Roman philosopher’s most influential contribution to world literature, the Letters combine philosophical reflection with vivid descriptions of town and country life in Nero’s Italy. Classics professor Margaret Graver has produced the translation and notes in collaboration with A.A. Long, recently retired from the Classics Department of the University of California at Berkeley. 

Dartmouth students have contributed to the project – the first complete English translation in nearly a century – through the James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar Program. Classics majors with advanced language skills assisted Professor Graver by double-checking translations against the Latin, discussing possible revisions, suggesting explanatory notes, indexing, and other tasks. Students who have been involved in this way include Leslie Shribman ’08, Karen Laakko ‘09, Brian Howe ’10, John Kee ‘10, Michael Konieczny ‘12, Aaron Pellowski ’15, and Lea Schroeder ’16.

The Letters on Ethics is the newest addition to a complete series of Seneca’s works being produced by the University of Chicago Press. A description and table of contents can be viewed here.