Congratulations to our graduates!

The department is proud to congratulate eighteen members of the class of 2019 who have now received their degrees with majors or minors in Classics.

Two students graduated with majors in Classical Archaeology: Grace C. Caldwell and Victoria L. Corwin; and two others completed the minor: Joshua L. Wende and Andrew J. Wright. Seven people graduated in Classical Languages and Literature: Grace C. Caldwell, Julia C. Feinstein, Daniel S. Gridley, Zachary Quayle, Danielle M. Lee Ramsay, Katherine C. McCreery, and Gabriela C. Sommer. Charlene A. Browne completed a Major in Linguistics modified with Classical Languages and Literature. The two minors in Classical Languages and Literature were Joseph R. Torsella and Jade K. Yen. In Classical Studies, there were three majors: Zachary Q. Bygum, Emily N. Carter, and Max J. Frankel; and two minors, Michael Bodek and Grace A. Harrington. We are very proud of every one of you, and we wish you all the very best as you head off to new adventures!














Photo by Eli Burkanian