Classics Welcomes Professor Glauthier

Prof. Patrick Glauthier joins the Classics Department in Fall of 2017 as an Assistant Professor specializing in Latin literature. A graduate of Columbia University, Prof. Glauthier has worked especially on the emergence and development of scientific theory in Rome, concentrating on such works as Vergil’s Georgics, Manilius’s Astronomica, and Pliny’s Natural History. His current book project is called The Scientific Sublime in Imperial Rome: Manilius, Seneca, Lucan, and the Etna.

Prof. Glauthier comes to us from the University of Pennsylvania, where he has taught courses entirely in English (“Monsters and Marvels in Antiquity,” “Heroic Journeys and Epic Failures,” “History of Literary Theory”) as well Latin and Greek authors from Homer to Tacitus. A graduate of Penn’s Post-Baccalaureate program says this about his teaching: “He truly is the epitome of what a great professor should be: engaging, approachable, and he challenged us both to think for ourselves and to find the confidence within ourselves in times when we might have felt unsure.”

Latin students will have their first chance to work with Prof. Glauthier this coming fall in LAT 22 (Catullus) or next winter in LAT 24: Ovid. If you don’t read Latin, keep an eye out for his CLST 5 class, “Epics of Greece and Rome.”