Classics Faculty Awarded Neukom Institute CompX awards

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to be able to announce the recipients of this year’s Neukom Institute CompX awards. It was a very difficult
decision process with over 1M$ in total requests. I wish I could have funded many more. That said, I would like to give
special thanks to George Morris and the entire Research Computing group. Their eagerness to engage with so many diverse
computational projects has enabled the NI CompX funding to go further. I encourage all of you with computational projects
needing technical support to seek out this fine group.
Thanks again for everyone’s engagement with the process. Please get in touch if you would like some more explicit
feedback. In total $230k was awarded. The list of recipients and the titles of the funded projects is below.
All best,
Dan Rockmore
Director, Neukom Institute for Computational Science
William H. Neukom 1964 Professor of Computational Science

Please congratulate Julie Hruby as the recipient of the 2018 Neukom CompX Faculty Grants
Julie Hruby (Classics) – Associating Fingerprint Patterns with Age and Sex: A Quantifiable Approach

* This award partnered with assistance from Dartmouth College Research Computing.