The Classics Department Welcomes Neeltje Irene Kuin

Professor Kuin specializes in the study of ancient Greek and Roman religion and philosophy and has a particular interest in Greek imperial literature and epigraphy. She completed her Ph.D. at NYU in 2015 and then held a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Ancient History at Groningen University in the Netherlands. She is the author of Leven met de goden: Religie in de oudheid (Living With the Gods: Religion in Antiquity; Amsterdam University Press 2018) as well as several scholarly articles, and has co-edited two volumes of essays. She is currently working on a book manuscript with the tentative title of Laughing with the Gods: Lucian and the Comic in Ancient Religious Experience.

She will be co-teaching CLST 4 Mythology Seminar this summer. Fall 2018 she will teach Latin 1 Introductory Latin and Latin 15 Literature and the Romans