Classics Department Language Program Director Job Opening

The role of a language program director in the Department of Classics at Dartmouth College

The person holding this position will be capable of offering instruction in both Greek and Latin and will teach four introductory language sections each year. In addition to her/his teaching duties, the language program director will work along four major axes:

1-Placement, recruitment, and retention:

  • maintain and improve existing placement tests and arrange placement of students into appropriate courses;
  • encourage students with prior experience in Greek and Latin to continue their study of those languages at Dartmouth;
  • encourage students in introductory-level courses to continue into upper-level courses.

2-Coordination of introductory-level language courses in Greek and Latin:

  • work in collaboration with departmental faculty to develop and maintain (and modify when appropriate) uniform syllabi, assessment systems, and exams for introductory courses in Greek and Latin;
  • work in collaboration with departmental faculty to ensure reasonable consistency in pedagogical objectives and approaches;
  • organize regular meetings with the faculty teaching language courses to discuss pedagogical, curricular and organizational issues;
  • carry out class visits in introductory-level language courses and provide feedback on pedagogical methods.
  • oversee extra-curricular tutoring of students (e.g., peer-to-peer tutoring).

3-Language pedagogy and curriculum:

  • provide information and overviews of best practices in language pedagogy, assessment, and placement testing;
  • consult with faculty regarding common language teaching and learning issues and explore with them ways to address different learning styles;
  • provide information and suggestions regarding new, relevant instructional material and methodologies in both languages, as they become available;
  • provide suggestions and guidelines for articulating continuities between introductory and upper-level language courses

4-Co-curricular programming

  • conceive and carry out co-curricular events to extend the teaching and learning of Classics outside the classroom