Charles Gelinas '98

I am a partner in the Capital Markets department of Dacheng
Dentons, a full service, multinational law firm with 120 offices across 52
countries (including, most recently, mainland China).  My specialty is
establishing receivables-backed revolving credit facilities, but I work on
several other types of deals and asset-classes as well.  I also teach
securitization and the capital markets as an adjunct professor at New York
Law School.  My classics studies at Dartmouth played an instrumental role in
both my legal education at Harvard Law, and my current practice at Dentons.
Conducting critical historical, literary, and archaeological analyses at
Dartmouth taught me how to deconstruct the language of statutes, regulations
and case opinions while at law school.  Researching and writing undergraduate
papers gave me the skills I use today to provide accurate and succinct legal
advice as counsel to some of the world's largest financial institutions.  If
any current students would like to know more about my experience as a
Classics major at Dartmouth, or my law student/lawyer life thereafter, I
would be glad ‎to chat!