Anna Leah Berstein Simpson '13

Dartmouth Fulbright Winner

When she moved to Belgium from the United States in first grade, Anna Leah Berstein Simpson '13 struggled to learn the country's language of French. By the time she moved back to the U.S. in fourth grade, she was almost fluent.

"Learning a new language is a very empowering experience," she says. Her experience in Belgium, Berstein Simpson says, is one reason she is looking forward to teaching English in France as the recipient of a French Government English Teaching Assistantship through the Fulbright Program.

Berstein Simpson, who is from Bethesda, Md., believes Dartmouth helped prepare her for teaching. She served as head writing assistant for the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology, a position in which she helped tutor fellow students. She has also worked as a drill instructor in the French department."Dartmouth has given me lots of opportunities to work and think of myself as a teacher," says Berstein Simpson.
She is finishing an honors thesis with Roberta Stewart, professor and chair of classical studies.

"Intellectually and personally, Anna Leah displays herself as a thoughtful global citizen deeply concerned with fundamental issues of the global community," says Stewart.

Berstein Simpson says she has enjoyed the compassion of Dartmouth professors and students alike. "What I really appreciate about Dartmouth is how supportive the community is," says Berstein Simpson. "Students are really excited to share their interests and also their enthusiasm for their friends' interests. I think that really speaks very well of the Dartmouth community."