Welcome to Classics, Latin, and Greek

The Department of Classics is delighted to welcome our new students to Dartmouth!  This page lets you know about some of the opportunities that will be open to you here for studying Latin or Greek, ancient history, mythology, archaeology, ancient philosophy and related subjects.

We offer courses that take a variety of approaches to the ancient Mediterranean world, with direct connections to many contemporary concerns. Latin and Ancient Greek classes are also available from beginning through advanced levels, offering swift access to major works of the Western tradition in their original languages. Classics also sponsors Foreign Study Programs in Greece and Italy.

Students who major in Classics often go on to professional careers in law, medicine, the arts, education, or finance. Employers and professional programs are often eager to recruit recent graduates who have the kind of skills that are acquired through the study of Classics: research skills, logical thinking skills, and high-level writing and communication skills. For some good ideas about how a Classics major can give you an edge in the workplace, try this article at Academic Invest, or this one at the Society for Classical Studies.

As you look at our course offerings, it's helpful to know that courses labeled CLST do not require any knowledge of Latin or Greek, while courses labeled LAT or GRK are for language study at various levels.