Welcome Peter Martin to the Classics Department!

Welcome Professor Martin!

The department welcomes Peter Martin, who will be joining us for Spring term while Prof. Christesen is on leave. He'll be teaching two courses, "Democracy: Ancient to Modern" (CLST 11.13) and "Greek History: Archaic and Classical Greece" (CLST 14).

Professor Martin received his degrees at the University of Cambridge in the UK, where he has taught a range of courses on Greek and Roman history, from social histories of childhood and marriage customs in the ancient world to political histories of the rise of Athens' democracy and empire. His research focuses on the development of Greco-Roman history writing as a genre, from its origins in the 5th century BCE to when it was replaced in the 4th century AD by the new genre of Christian history writing.

You can read more about the courses he is offering this spring, and about all our spring courses, at this link