Congratulations 2021 graduates!

The Department warmly congratulates a fantastic group of students who graduate from Dartmouth this year with majors or minors in Classical Studies, Classical Archaeology, and Classical Languages and Literature. These students have dealt with so much over the past year; now your dedication and your commitment to the liberal arts has brought you to this milestone in your life. We will miss you all!



Hannah C. Cherenfant

Classical Languages and Literature

Kevin J. Donohue

Classical Languages and Literature (with Honors)


Clayton W. Howard

Classical Archaeology (with High Honors)

Linguistics (modified)

Sophia D. Kocher

Classical Studies (with High Honors)

Minor in Biology

Tyler Malbreaux

Classical Languages and Literature

Naomi A. Meron

Classical Studies (with Honors)

Minor in Art History

Matthew G. Nolan

Classical Studies


Anindu Rentala

Classical Studies (modified with American Studies)

Tatum L. Schultz

Classical Studies and Geography

Minor in Computer Science

Zachary Z. Wang

Classical Languages and Literature



Mallen M. Bischoff


Minor in Classical Studies

Minor in Film and Media Studies

Nancy M. Curtis


Minor in Classical Studies

William C. Stonestreet


Minor in Classical Studies