Awards and Prizes 2021

It is our pleasure to announce the recipients of awards and prizes given by the Department of Classics in 2021. Prizes are awarded for academic excellence in Greek and Latin Literature, Greek language, Latin language, and in interpreting the ancient world in multiple media. In addition, we warmly congratulate four students who have completed Senior Honors Projects.

The Edward R. Perkins Literature Prize is awarded annually for "promise in Greek, or in Latin, or in English literature". This year's recipient is Kevin Donohue, who is recognized both for his previous achievements in Greek and Latin courses but also for his work this year on the poet and classical scholar A.E. Housman, in combination with Kevin's own compositions in Latin verse.

For achievement in Ancient Greek, we recognize Mack Reiferson '22 and Gus Guskowski '22 with the Atherton 1883 Greek Prize, which is awarded annually to a member of the junior class. We also extend the Atherton 1883 Prize to two first-year students for achievement in Introductory Ancient Greek: Kamil Salame '24 and Meg Burkhart '24.

For achievement in Latin, we recognize Abby Hyun '23 with the Class of 1846 Latin Prize, which is awarded annually to a member of the sophomore class. We also award prizes to four first-year students for their achievement in first-year Latin courses: Margaret Bone '24, Meg Burkhart '24, Lauren Godwin '24, and Edward Rae Smith '24.

This year's recipients of the Firestone Prize are Nancy Curtis '21, Lauren Dorsey '22, Emma MacTaggart '22, Myles Schreck '22, and Jenna Winfrey '22. Established in 2006, The Justin Firestone '92 Memorial Prize is awarded to a Dartmouth undergraduate for excellence and imagination in visualizing or otherwise interpreting in multiple media the ancient Mediterranean world. These students will be presenting their digital visualizations of Ancient Athens in an event later this month.

Last but not least, we are delighted to recognize four students who completed Senior Honors Projects in Classics this year. Their names are Naomi Meron '21 (Honors: project title "'What is your sickness?': Madness in Greek Tragedy and Medical Literature");  Sophia Kocher '21 (High Honors: project title "Mater Patriae: Livia in Nummis after Augustus");  Clay Howard '21 (High Honors: project title "The Oxford History of the Archaic Greek World: Naxos and Paros"); and Kevin Donohue '21 (Honors: project title "A poet and a scholar is what I was told": Analyses and Poems Inspired by the Two Men in A. E. Housman").


A warm congratulations to all our award recipients!