Senior Honors Presentations

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 four outstanding seniors defended their theses.

"'What is your sickness?': Madness in Greek Tragedy and Medical Literature," by Naomi Meron '21

"Mater Patriae: Livia in Nummis after Augustus," by Sophia Kocher '21

"The Oxford History of the Archaic Greek World: Naxos and Paros" by Clayton Howard '21

"A poet and a scholar is what I was told": Analyses and Poems Inspired by the Two Men in A. E. Housman," by Kevin Donohue '21

You can join simply by clicking this link. Presentations run 20-25 minutes each, including time for questions from the audience. Following the honors presentations, we will take a few minutes to celebrate the recipients of our annual language prizes: the Atherton 1883 Greek prize and the Class of 1846 Latin Prize. All are welcome!