Classics in the News

Lately we've seen number of articles that give 21st century perspectives on the study of Greek and Roman antiquity. A recent New York Times article giving a profile of Princeton classicist Dan-el Padilla Peralta has sparked thoughtful responses from, among others, Tushar Irani ("Why Classical Studies Needs Scholars Like Dan-el Padilla Peralta"). More briefly, Shadi Bartsch reacts to the presence of ancient Greek helmets and other symbols at the assault on the Capitol in  "Why I won't surrender the classics to the far right". An earlier piece, Kevin Garcia's "Who Owns Antiquity? Latinx Scholars and the Fight for the Classical Past", explores the vehement and often racially-charged response to the removal of monuments in the U.S. and elsewhere. Dartmouth students who are interested in these issues are encouraged to contact members of our faculty, as we welcome opportunities for discussion.