Faculty Recognition

Dear members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences,

As we begin the 2020–2021 academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your resilience, drive, and vision in the face of extraordinary challenges. Your outstanding contributions are advancing the frontiers of knowledge in significant ways, while maintaining the highest standards of teaching and mentoring. I am grateful for all that you do for Dartmouth. 

Despite these difficult times, it has been a productive year for our academic community, and I would like to recognize those faculty members who have been promoted or appointed to an endowed chair, as well as those who received awards or grants from the office of the Dean of the Faculty and from the centers and institutes (Leslie, Rockefeller, and Neukom) within Arts and Sciences.  

Each year donor gifts within the Dartmouth Conference Fund provide support for conferences and symposia organized by faculty in the Arts and Sciences. Stay tuned for scheduling these conferences, and join me in congratulating:

  • Patrick Glauthier (Classics) – "The Sublime in the Ancient World"

In addition to those awards and funds disbursed directly from the Office of the Dean of Faculty, the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences also has access to funding from a number of specialized centers and institutes. This year Leslie, Rockefeller, and Neukom funded the following colleagues and projects:

Leslie Center for the Humanities

  • Co-sponsorships:  Roberta Stewart (Classics)

Neukom Institute for Computational Sciences CompX Faculty Grant Awards (2019–2020)

Julie Hruby (Classics), "Associating Fingerprint Patterns with Age and Sex: A Quantifiable Approach"

With best wishes,

Elizabeth F. Smith, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Paul M. Dauten Jr. Professor of Biological Sciences