Simone Oppen joins the Classics Faculty

A new face in the Classics Department is Simone Oppen, who is Visiting Professor in 2019-20 and 2020-21. A specialist in Classical literature and historiography, she will be teaching both Classical Mythology and Literature and the Romans this fall.

Professor Oppen specializes in Greek drama and historiography, in particular literary production under the Athenian Empire and its later reception. Simone received her BA in Classical Languages and Comparative Literature (a double major) from UC Berkeley and her PhD in Classics from Columbia University in 2019. Her dissertation situated Greek literary depictions of wartime Persian interactions with Greek sanctuaries in the broader archaeological record and in the corpus of Achaemenid sources. Her current book project asks how Greek literary commemoration of the Greco-Persian Wars shaped retributive narratives across the classical era. Simone is also researching Herodotean reception in everything from Hellenistic inscriptions to Byzantine scholarship.