Annual Zarbin Lecture

Petsas House, Mycenae: pottery, production, and the palatial economy of the 14thc. BCE

Kim Shelton, University of California at Berkeley
, spoke in October 2019. Her lecture presented material from the recent excavations at Mycenae which provides insight into the production of pottery in a late bronze age workshop, the reconstructed demographics and decision-making process, and the role of Petsas House in the socio-economic life of the palatial center and beyond.

Kim Shelton excavates the prehistoric site of Mycenae and the classical sanctuary of Nemea, both in Greece. She is a specialist in ceramics, and works with material culture. She currently works on the earliest manifestations of Greek religious rituals through permanent architectural establishments and recognized paraphernalia - such as figurines. Her research themes are : pottery analysis, Classical archaeology, Aegean prehistory, religion and mythology in the Mediterranean.

Sponsored by the Classics Department