Latin 3 Classes Explore Ancient Coins

In Winter and Spring quarters, Latin 3 classes visited the recently-reopened Hood Museum's Bernstein Center for Object Study to investigate a selection of the Museum's collection of Roman coins. Each small group of students was given a coin or group of coins to work with. Students weighed and measured their coins and attempted to read the writing on the coins. Each group then presented their findings to the rest of the class.
After their in-person examination of the coins, students left with images of their coins and the data they had gathered in order to identify their coins more fully using the Online Coins of the Roman Empire database.
By learning hands-on about how Roman coins were manufactured, how the emperors used coinage to spread images and ideas, and how we can use coins as evidence, our Latin students use their Latin skills, and the resources that Dartmouth offers, to enrich their understanding of the culture of the Roman Empire.