Summer 2021

CLST 04: Classical Mythology   An introduction to Greek myths and their use and transformation in ancient Greek and Latin literature. Lectures will regularly incorporate material culture, history, and contemporary scholarship to contextualize the readings. We will also examine how these myths shape and express identities in both ancient and modern settings. TMV, CI - Ulrich - D

CLST 12.02 Greek and Roman Engineering and Technology  This special topics course offers an introduction to the most important machines and processes of Greek and Roman technology. Emphasis will be on the practical implications and applications of ancient technologies and engineering. Within the broad range of technologies surveyed, students will focus on specific case studies to provide deeper analysis and understanding of individual topics. Reading will be based on a textbook and selected chapters and articles from secondary sources. Greek and Roman writers will also be read in translation. TAS, W. Ulrich. J

GRK 30 Title, Instructor and Time TBD

LAT 30 Title, Instructor and Time TBD